The Art of Beauty

This project shows a makeup ad campaign inspired by Japanese makeup artist Shue Uemura. He created his brand with a dream to strengthen the link between beauty and art. Shu Uemura transmits a unique sensibility towards beauty. Attention to detail and respect for nature are the brand’s mantras. Today one of the biggest and most successful makeup brands in the world, they transmit the idea that a woman’s face is a canvas, and makeup is her paint. It is a way of expressing one’s ESSENCE in ways that very often can’t.

SHU HA RI is a Japanese martial art learning method and the theme of this project. This philosophy consists of three stages. SHU is a pure learning stage, where the apprentice blindly obeys his master. HA is a challenging stage, where the apprentice dares to break the rules and explore. RI is the stage of full mastery, that is absent from rules and is aligned to feelings, instincts and what the mind desires. This project shows the final stage, RI, where a woman completely masters her beauty, her face, her essence and the way she expresses all of that through makeup.